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The Welsh Globetrotters Motorhome Club

About us


The Welsh Globetrotters is a small friendly club for a group of like-minded motorhome enthusiasts.


The Story So Far


Back in 1991 Gary Beattie, the Club President and founder member formed a club named The Eagle Owners Club, with the backing of the Eagle factory. He ran this club until 2002, but due to the factory closure and the ending of production plus the club membership diminishing, it was decided to reinvent and rename the club. Hence the birth in 2002 of The Welsh Globetrotters.


Up until 2008 members continued to meet as a group of friends at motorhome shows etc. as had previously been the custom. At that time, due to the interference from another club’s chairman, pressures were brought to bear to launch the club officially. A committee was formed and an application was made and granted for camping exemption certificates for England and Wales. The club carries liability insurance as required by most venues now used, which provides cover in the event of claims made against the club.


Originally the membership was limited to 25, but with so many applications being made for membership, the decision was taken to increase the membership numbers.

However this is still limited by the Club's insurance and it was decided to limit membership in order to keep the club as small and personal as possible.

This situation will continue to be monitored from time to time due to the ongoing requests for membership that are still being received.



Aims of the Club


The Aims of the club are simply:-


  • to enable a group of friends to get together on a regular basis and enjoy each other’s company

  • to share knowledge and information

  • to help each other where we can

  • to make motorcaravanning as enjoyable as possible.





Committee members for 2024 are:-


President - Gary Beattie


Chairman - David Windsor

Secretary - John Davies

Treasurer - Margaret Ellis

Membership Secretary - Colin Ellis

Safety Officer - John Davies


Wayne Gardner

Ray Rowlands

Ann Gardner

Keith Thomas

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