Porth Beach -New Quay - March 2016

More pictures to come.


Well, it's time for our Easter rally down at PORTH BEACH and sorry to say it was a bit of a damp weekend. But I hope all that made the effort enjoyed the rally. We managed to have our Easter Bonnet parade and the winners were David and Jen with two wonderful hats (think photos on way). Even better for members was the cream tea that followed - the first treat for members this year. With our lovely hosts, Terry and Liz, getting the medication bottles out for all the coughs on site, everyone enjoyed the treats.

There was more to follow as Babs had the best cupcakes in WALES to pass out to members - thanks BABS 

It was also nice to see Caroline and Randel back with us at rallie.

Our next outing is at the Shepton Mallet Show with a club pitch arranged and then up to Hereford Rowing Club for the May bank holiday. Another great venue and the chairman has still got some cheques left so there could be more treats for members to enjoy........