Saron Village Hall


Well, not a great turn out and even the chairman did not make it only two evening visits from him, but I hope the members that did attend enjoyed the rally with the added bonus of a FREE rally and electric hookup also. Heard a few caught the bus for a day out on Saturday others just sat about in the lovely warm hall. putting the world to right, told the ladies put on another lovely spread on Friday evening with a little bit left for Saturday. I would like to thank the members that have put their names down to host rallies next year still some left will try again at our new year rally to fill the sheets, it would be a pity to have to cancel them due to no hosts if all members did ONE we have enough

members to cover 3/4 year... Hope to see you all at BRYN BACH for new year another great hall and again electric hookup a must this time of year. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MEMBERS and if you cant attend new years rally  HAPPY NEW YEAR, David.



St. Richard Gwyn Catholic school


Not our best turn out at this venue but hope that all attended enjoyed the venue, weather dry so what do members want in the winter months we had hard standing, electric hook-up and a nice hall to get together in the evening. All out and about on Saturday hitting the shops plenty of bags on return with some, one strange sight was a van with no children in it only the grandparents never been seen but told children getting older and more important things to do, but told normal service will return. Next rally is our xmas rally, time for treats again limited electric available and our D/J will be there, also our chairman (pest) has next years rallies and looking for hosts so please put your name down as

NO HOSTS NO RALLIES and sorry Oliver comes first this year David.




Pembrey Rally

Well they got the weather forecast right we had the rain and high winds but what a great pitch we had no problems at all parking on grass all the rain just soaked away, you needed wellies to got out in the evening to get into the club to drink the drinks on offer a few had a little problem on a few nights as you can see from the photos, but no accidents to report. The show itself was very good with plenty to see and lots of things to do, due to weather not as many stalls this year but did see a few members going around on the trains etc. hope they all enjoyed the rides, we filled our pitch again with a few gaps for the members that were put off by the weather pity about that you missed a good rally whats the old saying fair weather campers. For any member wishing to stand for election its time to give you names to our secretary John Davies please, as the A.G.M. is just around the corner. Well that will do for this time remember next rally on the 18/20 OCT. David