Saron Christmas Rally - 2016

Where have our members gone?

There was poor turn out to our Christmas party weekend. Even with a free rally and beer/lager/wines all bought by the committee, not many attended the rally to enjoy them.

Was it the date - too near Christmas?

The weather was ok - fresh but dry. The bus stop was on the doorstep and nearly all caught the bus to have an early Christmas dinner in Carmarthen.


HOPE to see more at our New Year rally.


HAVE A NICE CHRISTMAS and yes - drink too much.      DAVID




There is a rumour going around that the Chairman was well oiled on Friday night. I must admit - yes plenty to drink with own brandy and old one with Ann and Wayne. But still up for bacon and egg at 8am - caught 9-40 bus out and about but a bit slow for the rest of the day.     DAVID