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Blossom Hill Campsite -Abergavenny - March

Our Blossom Hill campsite rally, certainly started off with a bang!!!  when the oven door of one of our members exploded into a million pieces as they came in.  

A good turn out again, no doubt encouraged to come with the promise of some warm sunshine.

After a cold, showery Friday afternoon with another loud bang of thunder and flash of lightening, the weather started to live up to the forecast.

Saturday morning - blue sky and sunshine to put us in the holiday mood . Then a move to organise a taxi service to get us all into Abergavenny town, four at a time, which was quite successful except for the last four.

Not to be left out, the intrepid members walked all the way!!!

The town itself very busy and well worth a visit. The main street lively with buskers, and craft and flower stalls, and the indoor market full of various stalls doing good business.

After the usual trawl of all the charity shops, it seemed as if all paths led to Wetherspoons for refreshments. When it was time to return to camp, there was no problem in getting taxis, so no one had to walk back.

Sunday morning we gathered for our coffee meeting outside our hosts, John and Shirleys van, still in lovely sunshine, to end a very pleasant rally.



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